Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Miné Okoloko started getting into music since she was very young. According to her, just listening to music generated an emotion, and she wanted to recreate that experience and share it with others through her creation.

Her childhood years were spent in Lagos, Nigeria, and most of her teenage years in Massachusetts. Her journey in music continues as Hannah Montana and Selena Gomez got her interested in singing. Rihanna and Blackbear are the ones who kept her in her interest and got her started in writing music.

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Now, she is majoring in Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University in New York. She minors in film and she studies both Japanese and Korean on the side that helps her explore more Asian music genres (J-pop and K-pop). She learned a lot of Spanish before for seven years, so that genre is an area of interest, too. She always emphasized that she doesn’t want her music to be associated with a single specific genre because she wants to always explore new things. However, she has to say that most of her music as of now is pop. She continues that she’s afraid that if she identifies to a single genre, she might restrict herself into a bubble and it will be harder for her to explore other things she might also be good at. She really enjoys creating music, as much as she enjoys discovering new and different things that she might like doing.



Having to create music is the ultimate creative feat. She describes her creative process at music-making as novel—there is no specific procedure or formula. She shares that sometimes, a melody may just pop into her head like a light bulb being lit, and then the lyrics will come next. But most of the time, she often gets started with the lyrics. It sometimes gets bizarre though, as she sometimes gets ideas from her dreams. She would dream up complete musical numbers, so intricate that it sometimes scares her. Once she’s had an idea like this, she makes sure that she has researched well to see if they don’t already exist, due to how clean and precise the production is in her dreams.

She’s open to collaborating with anybody! Just like what she feels about the genres, she doesn’t want to limit her collaborations with certain artists only. But she thinks it’ll be really interesting and helpful for her to have a chance to work with a J-pop or K-pop group, as she is learning Japanese and Korean now in college, and studying languages has always been her interest. A collaboration with a Spanish-speaking artist is also one of the things she looks forward to.

If she could open a show for any artist, it would have to be Ariana Grande. She watched her open for Justin Bieber’s believe tour, so she’d love to open for her, too. And she adds that she wants to keep that legacy going—inspiring more artists and musicians in the process. Who knows, maybe a fan of her who will see her open for an artist like Ariana Grande may get inspired to pursue music and seek to open for her, too! And that really excites her!

Miné seriously enjoys her craft, may it be listening to or creating music. Her time not spent studying is often spent writing song lyrics and making melodies for her compositions.

When it comes to things not related to music, he enjoys studying a foreign language and cooking. According to her, she also has this useless talent of clicking her tongue really, really loud.

As to what’s next for Miné, she has no idea. What she knows is that she wants to stay open to all possibilities that might be waiting for her.

Northfield by Mine Okoloko